Memorable Arthur Morgan Quotes From Red Dead Redemption 2

Memorable Arthur Morgan Quotes From Red Dead Redemption 2

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In the vast and captivating world of video games, some characters leave an indelible mark on players’ hearts with their compelling stories and profound words. One such iconic character is Arthur Morgan from “Red Dead Redemption 2.” Beyond his rugged exterior and fearless demeanor, Arthur Morgan is a treasure trove of memorable quotes that resonate with the essence of the Wild West. Let’s delve into the wisdom encapsulated in Arthur Morgan quotes and explore the deeper meanings behind his words.

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Who Is Arthur Morgan?

Arthur Morgan is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the video game “Red Dead Redemption 2,” which was released in 2018. The game was developed by Rockstar Games, and Arthur Morgan serves as a member of the Van der Linde gang, led by Dutch van der Linde. The story follows Arthur’s journey as he navigates the changing Wild West landscape, dealing with the decline of the age of outlaws and the encroachment of modern civilization.

Arthur Morgan Quotes – Wisdom of the Wild West

  • “We can’t change what’s done, we can only move on.”
  • “I gave you all I had.”
  • “We’re more ghosts than people.”
  • “The world’s a nasty place. It’s just how things are.”
  • “I’m afraid. A lot of people are afraid.”
  • “Just do one thing or the other, don’t try to be two people at once.”
  • “Do the right thing. It’s easy.”
  • “We’re all bad men, but some of us try to be good. It’s all we can do. In the end, that’s what matters.”
  • “I gave you all I had, Dutch. I did. In the end, I did.”
  • “There’s a difference between needin’ and wantin’. Wanting keeps you sharp. Needin’ makes you weak.”
  • “I’m more afraid of doing nothing than I am of getting shot.”
  • “It’s a beautiful world, but it’s also a cruel one.”
  • “Don’t let yourself be defined by the mistakes you’ve made.”
  • “You gotta keep the faith, and be a good man.”
  • “Just do one thing or another. Not be two people at once.”
  • “You have to love yourself a fire.”
  • “You’re never that far from the man you used to be.”
  • “Sometimes the truth ain’t good enough.”
  • “I’m more scared of not trying than failing.”
  • “Maybe we’re all hiding behind something. But we’re not bad men. We’re all more human than we are human.”
  • “You gotta keep faith with the living.”
  • “I wish things were different, but it wasn’t us who changed.”
arthur morgan quotes

Arthur Morgan’s Quotes about Life

  • “Life’s greatest adventure is in doing one’s level best.”
  • “Revenge might feel good at the moment, but it won’t heal your soul. Forgiveness and understanding, though, they have the power to mend.”
  • “My whole life, I’ve been loyal to people.”
  • “You don’t get to live a bad life and have good things happen to you.”
  • “You can’t change the past. You can’t change what’s done, but you can always change what’s coming.”
  • “My whole life, all I ever did was tell folks what they wanted to hear, to keep them calm. But it’s time for the truth, no matter how ugly it is.”
  • “Life is a journey, and sometimes that journey takes us to places we never thought we’d go. Feel it, and learn from every step.”

These quotes are more than just lines of dialogue; they are windows into the soul of a character navigating the tumultuous landscapes of the Wild West. Through his words, players experience the emotional highs and lows of a man grappling with his past, present, and the uncertain future. Arthur Morgan quotes continue to resonate, serving as a testament to the timeless allure of well-crafted storytelling in the world of gaming.

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